Success Measures empowers users by helping them harness data — via the Success Measures Data System — to convey stories of success. Success Measures clients and partners value the “meet you where you are” training and technical assistance approach, which is hands-on, straightforward and participatory, to help develop evaluation programs that enable organizations to gather credible data, analyze it with sophistication and accuracy and use it to strengthen programs.

Clients — including practitioners, intermediaries, funders and funder collaboratives—may choose from a variety of customizable options to find a package of services that best addresses their level of need and expertise. Services range from introductory workshops to onsite coaching, specialized evaluation planning, data analysis and continuing evaluation support. These services include a combination of:

Planning and Design

Develops an evaluation framework that targets the key program and investment outcomes you want to measure in a comprehensive, actionable process that aligns with strategic goals, and takes into account critical factors such as staff capacity, budget, timing and overall scope.


Consulting, technical assistance and training to support the process from start to finish, including orienting staff about the outcome evaluation framework, coaching by experts in the field on how to plan and carry out data collection, staff and volunteer training, and use of the Success Measures Data System (SMDS) to manage the process.

Analysis, Reporting and Communicating Results

Use SMDS to tabulate, aggregate, and export data. Learn to interpret data collected in an organizational context. Combine outcome data with other related information, learn how to visually display, share, and communicate results. Or, if you prefer, use Success Measures consulting services to complete these key steps of the evaluation process.