We invite you to watch our three-minute introductory video about the Success Measures Data System.

If you have trouble viewing the video, please link directly to http://vimeo.com/92531670

The Success Measures Data System (SMDS) is a unique web-based tool which allows organizations  to manage a participatory evaluation process efficiently and affordably. The accessible and flexible platform helps organizations capture a clear picture of benefits achieved by using combinations of off-the-shelf or customized data collection tools, collecting and tabulating results, and exporting data.

Sophisticated in design, functionality, security, and scale, SMDS is also versatile and adaptable and will streamline the evaluation process for organizations of all sizes and levels of experience. 

As an SMDS subscriber you can:

  • Select from affordable annual subscription options, starting as low as $1250
  • Choose from more than 350 well-vetted data collection tools
  • Customize existing tools or create new ones as you design your evaluation
  • Collect data manually or electronically with a computer, tablet, or smartphone using a browser
  • Export your data to Word, PDF, Excel, or CSV for more detailed analysis
  • Manage, consolidate, and store all outcome data in one secure environment
  • Sort, filter, aggregate and report data for analysis
  • Generate reports showing data over time, across evaluations, and across organizations 
  • Share evaluations, tools, and data with partner organizations
  • Upload your evaluation history and reference documents for future use and training
  • Access online and live technical support from our help desk
  • Benefit from our repository of online courses and reference materials as you use SMDS

Subscribers can work online without needing any additional software. SMDS handles all the technology updates, maintenance and back-ups around-the-clock so clients can exclusively focus on managing their evaluation process and gathering, analyzing and using the data. Consolidating outcome data in one place helps to ensure quality and consistency and allows for the analysis of data over time – all key components of mid- and long-term evaluations.

For information on becoming a Success Measures Data System subscriber, please contact successmeasures@nw.org