Free Tool Access & Webinar: Success Measures Financial Capability Tools & Data System

September 27, 2018

The Success Measures Financial Capability Tools were designed to help measure changes in your clients’ attitudes, behaviors and feelings about their financial status, now and in the future. Recognizing and understanding these changes is essential to successfully increasing financial capability and achieving lasting financial stability.

The information you’ll gather by using the tools – available to the public at no cost – will help you learn more about the impact your programs are having in communities every day – and provide the data needed to inform strategies, motivate staff and residents, and more completely tell stories of change for your funders and stakeholders.

This webinar will introduce you to some of the 100+ data collection tools – which include surveys, observations and interviews – and provide examples of how organizations and practitioners in communities across the country are using the tools to improve peoples’ lives. We’ll take a closer look at the tools by demonstrating the Success Measures Data System (SMDS) – our online subscription platform which houses the tools and offers an organized central location for staff to conduct, manage and store all phases of your evaluation.

Success Measures, operating as a social enterprise at NeighborWorks America, has provided evaluation consulting, measurement tools, technical assistance and technology to more than 900 nonprofits, funders and intermediaries to help them measure the outcomes of their work and investments in communities across the country.

30 minutes, Thursday, September 27, 2018, 2pm ET

No fee but registration is required.