How to Use Data to Attract Donors

July 24, 2014

Maggie Grieve and Nancy Kopf of Success Measures were invited speakers this month on The
Chronicle of Philanthropy’s webinar entitled “Numbers and Your Story: Use Data
to Attract Donors.”  The hour-long session, attended by over 700 individuals, focused on how
organizations can use public and program data, combined with “story-telling” to demonstrate their value and increase funding.

Ms. Grieve, Vice President of Success Measures, offered guidance on how to create a practical plan for data collection, emphasizing that organizations need to start small
and focused, clarify what they are measuring and why, and get buy-in and commitment from leadership and staff.  Ms. Kopf, Senior Manager for Success Measures Evaluation Services, showed examples of the many ways organizations tell their stories through data to communicate results and make it interesting and accessible to both program participants and current or prospective funders.  They explained to listeners that data is not only important to tell the story of what has been accomplished, but to inform future program strategic planning to ensure even greater success and impact.

Grieve and Kopf were joined as presenters on the webinar by Deborah Youngblood of the Crittenton Women’s Union.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy has been a leader for more than 20 years in print and online news for nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, and policymakers in philanthropic enterprises.