Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

Success Measures is supporting the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund (GMHF), a CDFI addressing the affording housing needs of under-served areas throughout Minnesota, as it looks to implement and expand the impact of its new strategic plan.

As the initial steps in this collaborative process, the Success Measures team developed a narrative and visual comprehensive theory of change for GMHF’s multiple efforts, establishing the outcomes of programmatic, policy, advocacy and investment strategies as well as a measurement framework that identifies evaluation strategies, data sources and tools to document these outcomes. Moving forward with two of the measurement strategies, Success Measures is developing and implementing a survey that assesses the mental/physical health, safety and well-being of residents in Minnesota Equity Fund (MEF) permanent supportive housing units and a survey that assesses the well-being, and resident satisfaction in a sample of its Housing Impact Fund (HIF) properties. GMHF is using the Success Measures Data System for their data collection and management related to the two surveys. The evaluation team is working with GMHF to realign data already collected on their programs and investments with outcomes in the newly identified theory of change and to build GMHF’s internal capacity to carry these evaluation efforts forward. (2023-2025)