Maggie Grieve

Vice President, Success Measures

Maggie’s integral role with Success Measures began in 1998 at the McAuley Institute, a national affordable housing intermediary, where she co-directed the creation and testing of new collective impact measures for the community development field and led the development and design of a cutting-edge data system to streamline their use by nonprofits and funders. Since Success Measures joined NeighborWorks America in 2004, Maggie has directed the scaling of all aspects of the social enterprise, including the development of new tool sets such as Health and Community Development. Prior to her work on Success Measures, she was the director of research and evaluation at McAuley and the manager of Arlington Virginia’s Neighborhood Improvement Team. In her extensive career, Maggie has provided a range of consulting, research, and management services to community-based organizations, national intermediaries, local governments, and foundations to design and implement innovative participatory planning, evaluation, community revitalization, and action research initiatives. She has co-authored several publications and articles on key issues in the community development field.

Maggie holds a B.A. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota and studied Urban Planning at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania.